Exclusive channel variety from Turkey

Turkey is one of the most dynamic media markets within Europe. Since 2001 we are offering an attractive TV portfolio of rights including the total bandwidth of Turkish TV formats, ranging from the leading mainstream to premium encrypted channels.


The Biggest Turkish Film Library 

With our film portfolio, we are offering more than 2000 films from classic to new movies for TVOD and SVOD rights worldwide. ​

New Movies

Classic Movies


Our Worldwide Platform Partners 

Medit works with the biggest and most reliable platform operators in Europe. In this way, we ensure an optimum reach to the Turkish-speaking Home-Entertainment target group.


For Content Providers and Platform Operators 

With 20 years of TV, Movie Licensing and Marketing expertise, Medit is not only a licensing company, but also a business partner that provides its customers with access to exclusive information and top-notch marketing services, supporting the development of their market networks, thereby creating growth and success for them.

For Media Companies

  • Acquisition of capacities at platform operators (Cable, IP, OTT, DTH)
  • Research and analyses for enhancing new market potentials
  • Up-to-date data about the European market
  • In-depth information regarding the Turkish People living in Europe/Worldwide
  • Research about media usage, consumption analysis, sociological, political, economical data
  • Negotiation for attractive license fees
  • Monthly updates of what’s going in the markets

For Platform Operators

  • Exclusive Turkish media rights for DTH, cable, IP-TV, WEB-TV/OTT, as well as catch-uP TV rights
  • Direct contracts with media owners/channels
  • Exclusive marketing materials such as pictures, videos, and electronic program guides
  • Undertaking the complicated international approval processes of marketing materials
  • Background Information about the Turkish market, companies and people
  • Up-to-date information about the content like program analyses and TV ratings


First Address for Turkish Media Content

Medit is the first address for Turkish media companies who are looking for an experienced worldwide distribution partner. Since 2001, we have been distributing major Turkish media content with respect to their marketing and license needs. We offer them a trustful partnership for now more than 20 years and the widest range of media platforms worldwide.

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