Channel Information

BeIN IZ is a popular domestic documentary channel in Turkey.
The content consists of exclusive documentaries and reports from around the world. BeIN IZ is an encrypted premium channel and part of the Digiturk platform.


The channel was founded in 2006.


Premium channel on Digiturk platform with documentaries and reports around the globe.

Hours of Operation

The channel offers round-the-clock broadcasting service.

Target Group

The segment that the channel addresses with its broadcasts is generally A, B, Socio-Economic Class

Top Programs

Farklı Rotalar

Places that have never been visited before are visited with the narration of famous actors who have never been to these regions.

Kesişen Kültürler

Aynaz Deedra takes you along on her journeys to different corners of the earth and tells you about their history and architecture.


Serkan Ercan travels to the Balkan countries and talks about their culture and history.

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