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BeIN MOVIES TURK is a popular domestic movie channel in Turkey. The content consists of exclusive Tv premieres, blockbusters, and the most seen Turkish Movies from past to present. beIN MOVIES TURK is an encrypted premium channel and part of the Digiturk platform.



Digiturk / beIN Media Group


The channel offers exclusive TV premieres, blockbusters, classics

Hours of Operation

The channel offers round-the-clock broadcasting service.

Target Group

The segment that the channel addresses with its broadcasts is generally A, B, Socio-Economic Class


Aile Arasında

Fikret, whom his wife of 21 years suddenly left, and vocalist Solmaz, who was left by his musician lover of 21 years, meet and become friends by a funny coincidence.

Yol Arkadaşım

Onur, an unsuccessful pharmaceutical representative, has three goals; Meeting his girlfriend's family in Ayvalık, getting back the job he was fired from, and achieving his first two goals despite his fellow traveler Şeref.

7. Koğuştaki Mucize

It tells the story of Memo, who lives in an Aegean town and has been wrongfully imprisoned, and his seven-year-old daughter Ova, trying to reunite with each other.

New Movies

Hep Yek

The adventures of Altan and Gürkan continue from where they left off in the third film of the series directed by Özgür Bakar, and makes the audience laugh.


The movie deals with the events from the first night that the suspects who committed a murder met, to the statement they gave to the police on the day of the incident.

Efsunlu Ayin

Efsunlu Ayin tells about the experiences of journalism student Ebru, who started to research the mysterious stories told about the past of the dormitory she stayed in.

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