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Bloomberg HT is the only economic platform of Turkey that entered the Turkish broadcast world with strategic cooperation with Ciner Yayın Holding and Bloomberg Television.


The channel maintained its speed, objectivity, and precision principles that made Bloomberg famous all around the world in Turkey in the same way and became the only economic platform of Turkey with its expert staff, TV channel, internet website, and radio. Bloomberg HT, which began broadcasting in Turkish on January 27th, 2010, reports business world news, interviews with financial experts, and also live connections on Turkish and World markets.



The channel was founded in Turkey in 2010.


News channel, with economy programs, daily agenda, as well as worldwide news and culture

Hours of Operation

The channel offers round-the-clock broadcasting service.

Target Group

The segment that the channel addresses with its broadcasts is generally A, B, Socio-Economic Class

Top Programs

Fatih Altaylı ile Bire Bir

Everything you wonder about the day, including life, art, science, hobbies, sports, everything that makes life beautiful, is included in this program.

Oyunun Hikayesi

For us, the content is important, not the score. The subject that changes every week and the people who add meaning to this subject.

Aslı Şafak'la İşin Aslı

Hosting well-known names from the entertainment and art world in her program, Aslı Şafak speaks the truth with her pleasant questions.

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