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Habertürk TV is a Turkish nationwide TV channel established in 2001. Ciner Yayın Holding acquired one of Habertürk TV that is the most assertive news channel of Turkey and Habertürk Radio and that is the leader of newscasting on the internet in November 16th, 2007. Habertürk Television, which reinforced its principle of true, fair, timely, and objective news that it continued as of the date when it began its broadcasting life with its breakthroughs via participation within Ciner Yayın Holding in 2008, defined its target as “the most-watched news channel of Turkey”.

Habertürk TV, via which each news worth be broadcasted and each opinion worth to be stated are reflected on the screen with a sense of true and fast journalism and adopted fundamental principles of justice, freedom and balance, made a difference among new channels with its classic discussion programs and experienced screen faces.

Its 2021 Average Market Share is %1,3


The channel was launched in 2001.


The channel offers news channel, with economy programs, daily agenda, health, as well as worldwide news and culture

Hours of Operation

The channel offers round-the-clock broadcasting service.

Target Group

The segment that the channel addresses with its broadcasts is generally A, B Socio-Economic Class.

Top Programs

Fatih Altaylı ile Teke Tek

The screen classic where Fatih Altaylı asks the unanswered, Teke Tek continues to seek the truth and set the agenda.

Açık ve Net

Kübra Par discusses and clarifies the subjects whose answers are eagerly awaited with her guests.

Enine Boyuna

With Hülya Hökenek's presentation, all the issues discussed in Turkey and in the world, discussed with journalists and academics.

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