Channel Information

The private Turkish TV channel Show Max was founded in 2006 and focuses on entertainment programs. It broadcasts popular Turkish series as well as cooking shows, talk shows, and travel formats. Repetitions of old series and programs that have been finalized can be watched on this channel. 


The channel was founded in 2006.


The channel offers Turkish TV series, entertainment shows.

Hours of Operation

The channel offers round-the-clock broadcasting service.

Target Group

The segment that the channel addresses with its broadcasts is generally B, C, Socio-Economic Class

Top Programs

Cennet Mahallesi

Cennet Mahallesi is one of the suburbs of Istanbul. This is a place which there is a lot of dance, music and love.

Kuaförüm Sensin

4 teams of ambitious hairdressers and models accompanying them, will compete with each other every day.

Fatih Harbiye

The interesting life story of Neriman, a young girl from Fatih, who is stuck between tradition and modernity.

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