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The Turkish TV station, SHOW TURK, is primarily an entertainment channel and belongs to the Mainstream Media category. 
When founded in 90’s, the cannel was distinctive in its programming by showing the most liberal and most entertaining. The channel gained the title of “always entertaining” in those years and this image stayed with the channel. Ranks between 2nd and 4th place in prime time and all day categories. Ranks on No 1 on 3 days of the week in prime time.

Its 2021 Average Market Share is %6,7


The channel was among the first private tv stations to be founded in Turkey back in 1991, and its European Version was founded in 2005.


The channel offers Turkish and foreign TV series, entertainment shows featuring popular stars, sport, music, magazine shows, children’s TV, and various news programs.

Hours of Operation

The channel offers round-the-clock broadcasting service.

Target Group

The segment that the channel addresses with its broadcasts is generally B, C, Socio-Economic Class

Top Programs

Show TV News with Dilara Gönder

Keeps you updated on the latest national and global events with Dilara Gönder. The program is Turkey's most watched news program.

Güldür Güldür Show

The ultimate TV comedy show that has become a classic for the whole family for many years. Continues with its new season.

Don't Give Up With Didem Arslan

With Didem Arslan Yılmaz, many social responsibility projects come to life with "Don't Give Up With Didem Arslan."

New Programs


Historical drama takes place in Antakya, in the 1930s, when the city was not yet a part of Turkey. Aziz, the son of a wealthy family, causes the death of a French officer's son - an event that changes his life forever.

Üç Kuruş

The most assertive program of the season is meeting with the audience in Show Turk. Describing a colorful Roma neighborhood with its unique characters and harsh rules, the series drags you into a murder story.

Bir Başka Güzel

12 contestants selected among thousands of candidates will compete for their teams first, then individually. The grand prize awaiting the winner is a safe box full of gold. This show is all about drama and ambitions,.

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